Petra International Ministries

Jared and Tanya Cox

Missionaries, Director of Petra International Ministries (Jared Cox)

Jared Cox is the founding pastor of the Petra churches in Nicaragua, Petra International Ministries, and is currently the lead pastor of Petra Bible Church, Bozeman. Jared was born in Alton, IL and raised in Phoenix, AZ. He received Jesus as his Lord and Savior at age seven. After losing his dad to a massive heart attack at age ten, the Lord used the tragedy and many trials to call him to be a missionary. After finishing his degree from Moody Bible Institute, he married Tanya. The Lord called them to be missionaries in Nicaragua, where they spent fifteen years making disciples and planting churches. In 2016, the Lord called their family back to the States to start Petra International Ministries and Petra Bible Church, Bozeman. In 2018, Jared finished his M. Div. from Western Seminary. Jared and Tanya have four kids: Josiah (20), Isaiah (18), Gaby (16), and Jeremiah (14). Both Josiah and Isaiah are preparing to serve the Lord full time in ministry.

Amber Lundskog

Missionary, Administration, Church Planting Logistics

Amber completed her undergrad and M. Ed. from Vanderbilt University and later a M.A. in Global Studies from Liberty University. She was originally sent to Bozeman from a church in Nashville to serve in 2012. She began praying with the Cox family in April 2017 about the Petra Bozeman church plant and was called to serve full time as a Petra missionary in January 2021. Amber serves as the ministry coordinator at Petra Bozeman as well as in administration and assisting with church planting logistics for Petra International Ministries.

Rebecca Knutson

Petra Missionary Intern

Rebecca was born in Kalispell, Montana and graduated from Montana State University with a degree in cell biology and neuroscience in 2020. Although she was originally planning to enter the medical field after graduating, the Lord radically changed the direction of her life by giving her a passion and the conviction to serve Him. As an intern with Petra International Ministries, Rebecca serves as the worship coordinator for Petra Bozeman, as well as a leader and administrator within the Petra Wilderness Institute. By faith and in God’s timing, Rebecca is planning to be sent out from Petra Bozeman to help with the current church planting efforts in Central and South America.

Nick and Meileen Creal

Tentmaker Missionaries

Nick met Meileen while on a Petra mission trip, and they were later married in Nicaragua. After serving five years in the Petra Managua church, they were sent out from the Petra Managua church to help with the Bozeman church plant in May 2018. They have three children, Emilia (6), Caleb (4), and Thomas (3). Nick started a construction business in 2023 which he now works full time, while their family also works hard to raise support for Petra's international church planting ministry and the Petra Wilderness Institute, as well as being in leadership training at Petra Bible Church, Bozeman.

"In his hand are the depths of the earth; the heights of the mountains are his also."
-Psalm 95:4