Petra International Ministries

Planting Christ-Centered churches in the U.S. and Latin America


Petra International Ministries exists in order to establish Christ-Centered churches in Latin America, and in the United States, by discipling, teaching, and training nationals and internationals how to believe, obey, abide, serve, and worship Jesus Christ globally.

Vision 2025

To train 100 kingdom workers from the Petra churches and Petra School of Ministry in Bozeman, Colombia, and Nicaragua, as well as through the Petra Wilderness Institute in Bozeman, by 2025, while building the infrastructure to expand to new locations to plant Christ-centered churches deeper into the interior of South America, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay.

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 Buenos Aires, Argentina


Montevideo, Uruguay

Bozeman, MT

Costa Rica

Santiago, Chile

Porto Alegre, Brazil

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