Petra Matagalpa

Petra Matagalpa Bible Church is the fifth bible church planted in Nicaragua. The church was originally launched in November of 2015, and re-launched in the summer of 2022. The church has one of the only deaf ministries in the country.

Prayer Requests from Pastor Edgar:
  • Please pray that God opens doors for the preaching of his Word throughout the city of Matagalpa through the vision and plans we have for the Church.
  • Please pray for the workers that God will use to expand His work, we pray for new families that are brought by the Lord to His church in Matagalpa and that these same people are used to grow and strengthen the core group of the church.
  • Please pray for men and women who love the Lord and His church, so that they can be sent to plant new Bible churches in the North of the Country. Our desire is to reach the entire north of the country starting with the city of Estelì, therefore we must strive, work, pray, disciple, train through the power and guidance of our Lord.

"(Jesus said), If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, 'Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.'"
-John 7:37-38

Pastor Edgar

Pastor Petra Matagalpa
My family and I were called to serve the Lord in the city of Matagalpa in May 2019, it was an enormous privilege that we certainly do not deserve, with our newborn daughter at that time and a 4-year-old son, we moved to the city, with joy in our hearts and full of faith that God will do his work.

Four years later and a new member in our family, we can only say "Not with an army, nor with force, but with my Spirit, said the Lord of hosts." (Zechariah 4:6) It is God who has sustained us, it is God who has provided, it is God who has guided us, it is God who has given us this undeserved gift of proclaiming His word day by day and in every place.

From the day we moved until today, we only see over and over again God guiding my family and His church in Matagalpa, despite the struggles, times of uncertainty, despite the illnesses and despite the rejection that can often be experienced, we are always amazed at the great goodness of our God, he only wants servants willing to obey and trust Him.

From the first day we were in Matagalpa, God has made us grow in dependence on Him, I have seen how He has strengthened our marriage, He has strengthened our teamwork to care for and disciple our children, we have seen how our children have grown to love and serve God, and we have had the great gift of having a new family in Christ in a city where we did not know anyone.

In general, to this day we know that we didn't really leave anything behind when we left 4 years ago, but that we gained much more than we had imagined. We love Matagalpa and we want to see the glory of God in the lives of his chosen ones.