Petra East managua

Petra East Managua

A new church plant, the sixth Petra church in Nicaragua, was started in East Managua in February 2023!

Prayer Requests from Pastor Jimmy:
  • For my family and I to serve the Lord with gratitude and humility, understanding that God does not need us but wants to give us the privilege of serving Him in His Church.
  • That God provides all the necessary gifts and resources in the planting of the new church in Managua, so that we are a core group of much prayer and that we depend only on God and His Word.
  • That God opens doors for the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and so that we can proclaim His glory in Managua, using the new church plant in Managua as an instrument.

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good,
for his steadfast love endures forever!"
-Psalm 100:2-5

Pastor Jimmy

Pastor Petra East Managua
Pastor Jimmy's Testimony: 
Since my childhood God allowed me to go through many difficult situations, which He used to break my hard heart. I was raised in an evangelical family that taught salvation through good works, but my good works were only a superficial effort that tried to disguise the corruption of my own heart. Many times I tried to run away from God, and even with each personal project I wanted to run away from God and his holiness. But God, in His grace and His love found me and saved me, and gave me a spiritual life in Christ. I came to understand that all my actions made me worthy of eternal damnation in hell. I shuddered from the depths of my being when I found out that I lived under condemnation and that I could have died without Christ, but God had mercy on me and with his Holy Spirit he gave me a new heart.

God used the gospel of John, so that I could see that with my actions and my sins I was rejecting the Son of God, and Jesus had come to save me! After God placed the weight of His holiness on my heart, I looked at my sins and recognized my need for Christ, then I felt a great weight to gather in a healthy church. In my ignorance I tried to return to the church that I went to in my childhood and youth, but now I understood that this church would not be a blessing for me and my family. Then God took me to the Petra Bible Church in Managua and thanks to being discipled in Petra, I was able to understand more deeply the beauty and majesty of Christ, the beauty of the Gospel, and the glory of God.

I was finally able to understand that God had saved me from my sins, and had planned to build and nurture my life with a church blessed with the grace and mercy of God. Today I understand that the Gospel that is preached in Petra is solely by the grace and mercy of God and Christ is proclaimed for the glory of God, not for the glory of man, and I have also been able to testify that Petra blesses my life, to my wife and my children, through biblical teaching. Now that we are at Petra, I have brothers who pray with me and pray for my family, I can feel the support of my brothers and my church for my marriage and for the upbringing and discipleship of my children. Glory to God who is showing grace to them too, bringing my marriage and my children closer and closer to Christ every day.